Hidden Gems of Spanish Beaches

Spain is among one  of the most beautiful countries in the world. The beaches are most welcoming and beautiful. If only for a moment, you were the first one to see this spot and appreciate its beauty. Although it is rare to be the first person to ever witness an unexplored beach with your Spain Tour Packages, this article will help you if you don’t want to go to the same beaches as others and are prepared to go the extra distance to find hidden but magnificent beaches in Spain.

  1. Tenerife Playa de Benijo

The beach at Benijo, which is bordered by the islands’ Cerro Benijo and the Cerro La Rapadura, is protected by the hills of the Anaga National Park in the northeastern part of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The beach has a unique untamed magnetism that draws people to it because of its black sand, almost pristine condition, and strong currents that make swimming in the deepest portions of this bay risky.

Be sure to arrive during low tide. The beach is completely submerged by the Atlantic’s raging waves during high tide.

  1. Playa de Azkorri Beach, Getxo

This beach is close to the city of Getxo yet is in a spectacular natural setting with high cliffs and lovely dunes all around it. The camping area, which has fine, dark sand, is well-equipped with bathrooms, toilets, water fountains, trash cans, and boards that provide details on the beach, despite being a little challenging to get to. Additionally, it includes a lot of parking space and a play area for kids.

  1. Ibiza’s Cala d’es Portixol

Ibiza’s northern shore is dotted with little coves where towering cliffs guard clear bays. There are also a few modest fishing cottages in this specific bay where the fishermen occasionally hang their catch to dry.

The Cala d’Es Portixol constitutes a single of the island’s best-kept secrets and is also of the most remote, picturesque, and serene locations, which contributes to its popularity among nudists. Although there aren’t many suitable areas to lay down because boulders, or colds, make up the majority of the beach, it is a nice change from the throngs found throughout the island.

  1. Playa de El Madero, Cantabria

The dunes, soft sand, and luxuriant rock formations on this beach make it a veritable natural paradise. Access, which can only be made on foot, is relatively difficult due to the number of rocks, and swimming is difficult due to the powerful waves. Even if you don’t get in the water, it’s worth gazing into this breathtakingly stunning spot that surfers love.

  1. Asturian beach Beach de la Ballota, Llanes

This stretch of sand gets its name from the island of Ballota, which is located off the coast of Asturias. Visitors can swim and spearfish at this scenic beach, which The Condé Nast Travel Spain readers ranked one of Spain’s most beautiful. However, keep in mind that rescuers are only on work on the weekends, and caution is suggested considering the area’s strong surf. You will still feel encircled by the breathtaking beauty of Spain’s Cantabrian coastline even if you merely stroll along the water’s edge.

  1. Tarragona’s Cala Fonda Beach

The name of this beach, Waikiki, in the Catalan region of Baix Empordà, close to Girona, it gives you much regarding what you need to understand. But unlike its Hawaiian namesake, this beach is remote, challenging to reach, and devoid of any amenities. Its isolation has one benefit: It is a fantastic spot for sunbathing while bare.

  1. Home Playas de Cabo Vigo

The beaches at Cabo Home—Nrega, Vio, and Barra—are all exquisite. It’s difficult to get to them since you have to drive down a winding road in both directions and then take a trail through the forest. These parallel sandy beaches contain dunes, blue flagged areas, and nearly unspoiled shoreline because they are located within an environmentally friendly natural area.

Another notable feature of Barra is that it is the location of one of Galicia’s most illustrious and established nudist beaches. All three beaches have little foot traffic, but if you want to find an even more secluded stretch of sand, travel to one of the tiny neighbouring coves. It assists in maintaining the throng under control because getting to them needs some additional effort.

  1. Cádiz Calas de Conil

The Long portions of the Conil coastline in the municipality of Cádiz are free of cars, and the beaches are still in almost pristine condition. You will be appreciated for your diligence when you experience your own little refuge by the sea, without a second umbrella in sight for the duration of your stay, if you don’t mind taking a short stroll and possibly getting a little sweaty.

  1. Cádiz Playa de El Cañuelo

Another must-see destination on the Cádiz coast is this beach. It is a more sedate alternative to the well-known beach at Zahara due to its more challenging access and absence of beachfront bars and other attractions.

The beach is surprisingly wind- and wave-protected, as well as being clean. This makes it a suitable option on days while the levant wind is blowing, which originates from the Atlantic Ocean and gets stronger in the summer. The stunning Beach de los Alemanes, which is the spot of the nearest parking lot, is where you must cross the street for a half-hour to reach there.

  1. Maro, Málaga Playa de El Cañuelo

This beach has not been significantly affected by people due to its remote location and the fact that it is a protected natural area. You must park your car on the slope that surrounds the beach and then walk for between fifteen and twenty minutes up an incline to get there. During high season, there is also a bus that runs every ten minutes to the beach for a cost of two euros (round-trip).The effort will be rewarded with access to a beachfront with a portion of the best sand in the entire region. Both snorkelling and diving are ideal in this area’s beautiful, abundant water.


To sum up, there is a reason why so many people travel to Spain for vacations; the country’s sea, sand, and the beauty it offers are all very alluring. However, if you know what to look at, you may find the best beach in Spain to create a private seaside retreat that is only accessible to you and the locals. So,  enjoy your time in Spain with Spain Tour Packages and explore the breathtaking views at the beach. feliz viaje!


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