Best Resorts in Bangalore for a Perfect Getaway for a Day Trip

Bangalore, a thriving metropolis noted for its tech parks, dynamic culture, and good weather, is frequently referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. But everyone needs a break to rest and relax in between the daily grind of job and city life. What better way to accomplish it than with a day trip to a top-notch resort in or near Bangalore? In this post, we’ll look at some of the top resorts for day outing in Bangalore as well as a fast overview of resorts for team outings in Kolkata.

Best Resorts in Bangalore for Day Trips:

  • Hotel and spa Golden Palms:

Golden Palms Resort & Spa is a vast property outside of day outing in Kolkatae for day outing that offers the ideal fusion of luxury and nature. It has a lovely pool, well-kept grounds, and a variety of sports like volleyball, cricket, and indoor games. For guests wishing to indulge in some leisure, the resort also features a spa.

  • Golf Resort in Eagleton:

Eagleton is a golfer’s paradise, as the name would imply. But the resort offers more than simply golf; it also has a peaceful setting, a pool, and a number of sporting venues. Another option is to go for a stroll among the verdant surroundings.

  • Resort & Spa Windflower Prakruthi:

Windflower Prakruthi is the place to be if you’re looking for a peaceful day. This resort offers a tranquil retreat from the bustle of the city, set amidst 7 acres of lush gardens. This place has excellent wellness and spa amenities, making a day trip here relaxing.

  • Resort & Spa Clarks Exotica:

This resort is well-known for its opulent amenities and welcoming atmosphere. The Clarks Exotica has a sizable pool, luxurious suites, and a selection of restaurants. It’s a fantastic option for anybody looking for a little piece of heaven in the middle of the metropolis.

Let’s now turn our attention to Kolkata and investigate potential resorts for team outings there.

Kolkata resorts for team outings:

  • Fortress Raichak:

The Fort Raichak, which is situated on the Hooghly River’s banks, provides a lovely environment for team activities. Its appeal is enhanced by its wide gardens, riverfront promenade, and medieval fort. team outing resorts in Bangalore team-building exercises can be planned for a special occasion.

  • Hotel Polo Orchid:

Although a little further away from Kolkata, the Polo Orchid Resort is located in the peaceful town of Chalsa and is well worth the trip. It is bordered by verdant tea gardens and provides a range of adventurous activities for team outings, including hiking and river rafting.

  • Resort at Vedic Village Spa:

A large resort called Vedic Village blends ancient charm with contemporary conveniences. There are many dining options, a spa, and roomy villas there. The resort provides tranquil surroundings and team-building activities for business retreats.


Bangalore and Kolkata both provide excellent choices for team-building exercises and day trips. There is always a resort close by where you can unwind and recharge, whether you’re in the IT capital of Bangalore or the cultural mecca of Kolkata. Pack your bags, assemble your group, and head to one of these amazing resorts for a fantastic day trip.


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