Bangalore Resorts Near Me for Day Trips with Families and Couples to Relax and Reconnect

Are you looking for the ideal getaway from the bustle of city life? Look nowhere else! In Bangalore, we have put together a list of resorts close by that are great for day trips with families and romantic partners. In this post, we’ll examine the best choices and offer details on how much a day trip to the Mango Mist Resort costs. So let’s go off on a tour to find tranquil and thrilling locations where you can make priceless memories.

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Resorts in the Area for Family and Couples Day Trips

Choosing the ideal location is essential when organizing a day trip with your loved ones. Here are some outstanding resorts close to Bangalore that resorts near me for day outing with family with amazing experiences:

Hotel Mango Mist:

  • Price for Day Trip: 

Let’s look at Mango Mist Resort’s day trip costs. The resort provides a variety of packages, with prices for adults starting at Rs. The price includes lunch, use of the pool, and entry to both indoor and outdoor games.

The golf resort at Eagleton:

  • Activities: 

Try your hand at golf or indulge in leisure pursuits like swimming and squash for a day full of fun.

Resort at Shilhaandara:

  • Natural Attractions: 

Take in the lush vegetation and stunning scenery of Shilhaandara Resort. It’s a great option for a day trip with the family.

Using The Windflower Prakruthi

  • Romantic break: 

The Windflower Prakruthi is a good choice for couples searching for a romantic break. It is the ideal choice because of the calm atmosphere and stunning surroundings.

Magnolia Club:

  • elegance and relaxation: 

Club Magnolia is the place to go if you’re looking for elegance and relaxation. Take care of yourself with spa services, then relax by the pool.

Couples’ One-Day Trip to Bangalore

There are various possibilities in one day outing in bangalore for couples looking to have an unforgettable day adventure that will result in priceless memories:

Mango Mist Resort: 

The mango mist resort price for day outing offers a romantic ambience in addition to being a family-friendly destination. Couples can luxuriate in a couple’s spa treatment, take a leisurely stroll around the lovely grounds, and have a delicious lunch.

As was already said, Windflower Prakruthi offers a tranquil location for couples. They have a restaurant where you may have a romantic supper while also enjoying the pool and nature paths.

Shilhaandara Resort: 

Shilhaandara Resort is a desirable option for couples seeking both adventure and relaxation. After participating in outdoor activities like paintball, you may relax by the pool.


The abundance of resorts close to Bangalore makes it simpler to plan a family day trip or a romantic getaway for two. You’re in for a day of enjoyment, rest, and quality time with your loved ones whether you select Mango Mist Resort, Windflower Prakruthi, or any of the other possibilities. To get the most out of your day trip, be sure to check the costs and amenities. So gather your belongings and set out on a nice vacation to these stunning locations nearby.


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